Customer Toilets

Located at the very font of the property, access to these is visa the EXIT ONYL
unless otherwise instructed by a member of the team. Please follow the ONE WAY
system for everyones comfort and peace of mind.

Ordering and Paying

Pay at time of ordering at the counter, whiilsht ordering face coverings are compulsory in
order to protect yourself and our team and we are currently only granting entry
to cusomters who are waring appropriate face coverings

Social Distancing

We all know the rules! (what ever version we may currenlty be under is anyones guss)
Please be considerate to others whilsht one the premises.


We are happy to have children on the premises, but please as a parent, grandparent or
guardian, please ensure children also follow the rules on distancing, they are your
responsibility not ours.

One Way Systemt

We have in operation a one way system for everyone’s comfort, please follow the
signage unless instructed by a member of the team

Tables and Crockery on leaving the property

Please do NOT clear dirty/used items when you are finished,
leave all items on the table, this willl enable us to know which table needs to be cleared,
cleaned and sanitised before the next visitor sites down.